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Approved Driving Instructor 

and ORDIT Registered driving school in Waltham Abbey also offering driving instruction in Epping.

Terms and Conditions

Pupil Terms and Conditions 

​Intensive driving courses and individual driving lessons terms for learning to drive with us.



Waltham Abbey based driving school offers Intensive driving courses and individual driving lessons in Enfield, Waltham Abbey and Loughton including surrounding areas. Last reviewed on: 24.05.2018

Privacy policy and how we collect personal information

Our privacy policy covers the collection, use and disclosure of personal information that may be collected by us whenever you visit our website, respond to a portal of interest on our website, telephone us, engage our services or applying to become a trainee of any kind with us, this is through secure documentation and other measuring performance needs.

We do not share your information for marketing or advertising in anyway other than the shared information between you and Option2drive.co.uk. We may from time to time pass your information to third parties in order to respond to your requirements but only with your consent.

Personal information we collect 
To fulfil our obligations to you when you contact us or register with us via websites we will need to know your name, address, telephone numbers and email address.
When training with us, we will hold such information on you such as, date and time of training, objects met or not met with notes relevant to that days training including signatures from you to clarify you completed training.

How we use your personal information 
You may be contacted by email, telephone or post by your trainer to request feedback from you about our services/training and/or provide you with information about our services or provide you with information to fulfil your requirements and objectives.

How we protect your information 
Option2drive.co.uk take data protection very seriously and is registered under the Data Protection Act and we take all reasonable care to ensure your personal details are kept secure and safe. Any personal information we collect from you will not be passed to any third party or organisation outside Option2drive.co.uk. By giving us your personal information you consent to its use as set out in this policy. This policy may be updated from time to time and any such changes will be made on this page and dated.

If you wish your personal data to be amended or removed from our records please email info@option2drive.co.uk or alternatively call us on 07961000149.    

​Your Instructor

All driving instructors associated with Option2drive.co.uk are self-employed and fully qualified and approved by the DVSA,

Driving Vehicle Standards Agency and have been fully vetted by CRB, Criminal Record Bureau.

The contract is between you and the Instructor when agreeing all lessons, payments and and any special arrangements.

Tuition/Driving Lessons

Before you can legally drive must hold a valid provisional license and be of the age, 17+ and entitled to drive in the UK and be able to read a number plate on a vehicle from the recommended 20.5m and if you are advised to ware glasses for driving then you must do so on your driving lessons.

Driving Lessons

When booking driving lessons with your driving instructor you and the instructor are responsible for all payments and meeting location must be made at the time of booking.  

Driving lessons which have been paid for either in block lessons or individual payments cannot be sold to another person in exchange of lessons.

You must notify your driving instructor if you have lost entitlement to drive for any such reason.

Cancellation Policy

If you or your instructor wish to cancel any arranged lessons then 24 hours notice should be given to avoid a charge for that lessons.  If the instructor cancels for any reason then the lesson(s) must be re-arranged. 

If you're committing to one of our intensive course options you must give a minimum of 5 clear working days if you choose not to go ahead.  ​If you do not give the stated notice we reserve the right to refund or part refund any monies you have paid to us for the full course or deposits.

Money back Guarantee 

Hours which are in credit are refundable if you have not used the hours which have been booked as a block or in advanced payments  subject to passing the practical driving test with us.  However - if you decide not to continue with us due to unforeseen circumstances, it is our discretion if a refund can be considered if 2 hourly lesson's or more already had been completed. If we do consider a refund, you MUST allow up to 14 working days for this to be processed. 

(Please be advised that there is a admin charge of £30 if a refund is to be considered). 

Intensive Driving Courses
Course pupil will be entitled to any breaks they wish to have however this time is deducted out of their driving lesson time.

Course pupils will have their own login data progress in each lessons email sent by us to track your driving performance.  Also course pupil can track their driving hours and payments all from their email address and must be filled in daily by their instructor so the course is completed correctly with the correct hours which have been purchased.  Hours can be spread out over time if you wish not to go for the full intensive hours in any one day or if you prefer we can complete in a very short time frame as its your choice on how you choose to do your hours.  Your instructor will make you aware of how soon this course will have to be completed depending on their availability for the following weeks or months but this will be discussed with you during the time of booking.  If you are late on arrival to your lesson you may lose this time so it is essential that you are on time if we are picking you up from your nominated address at a time and location that has been arranged by you and your instructor.

Free Theory Test in Conjunction with the Nominated Course

This offer is only valid to our 30 hour intensive driving course and not in conjunction with any other offer on this website.  If you have already passed the theory then the course fee for 30 hour's would remain the same however you must bare in mind that it will cost you £30* for the Fast Track service however this is optional.  ​

Our Vehicle and Your Safety

We only use modern vehicles and no later than 2 years old, and currently insured with Waveney Group Schemes for you, the examiner and driving instructor on your driving lessons and for the use of car hire on your practical test.  If should something occur whilst on your driving test and our insurance does not cover this, we may ask you to cover this on our part so it is important that you are more than ready before taking the practical test to avoid any such issues.  

If the pupil is not up to the required standard and deemed as dangerous after the course we can reserve the right to refuse our cars on test and you will lose your test fee unless clear 4 working days notice is given in advance.  In this rear situation you may reschedule your driving test or we can do so for you to allocate a few additional hours in progress leading up to your rescheduled driving test. 

How we Work With You

All intensive driving courses, individual driving lessons are on a 1:1 basis with no other pupils in the car as we feel this works better for most taking up driving tuition and we'll cover all parts of the (DVSA) Driving Vehicle Standards Agency syllabus set out by the agency which is in their guidelines so you can get the best out of your driving course and have a clearer understanding ready for your mock exam which we will offer you leading up to test when you have reached that standard.

We can only pick-up in the areas listed on the on this website's "Contact Us page" as our location is between Enfield and Waltham Abbey however if you do not live in any of the areas listed on this website special arrangements can be made for you to meet us at a suitable place when on course days only, or to meet at a suitable place which is convenient for you and the driving instructor or we can recommend a hotel near by which are of good rates if you live some distance away from London.

Your Responsibility

In the event where by you are not able to make the theory or practical test due to illness or delay you will lose your test fee unless 4 clear working days notice is given. We will not be responsible for any tests you cannot make on the day for whatever the reason, or we will not be held liable for any fee's you have lost due to illness or any other such reason the test cannot go ahead however under your discretion.   If the DVSA Driving Vehicle Standards Agency have cancelled due to adverse weather conditions or for any other reason you will not lose your fee but have to wait for a new practical test date.

We are in no way affiliated with the DVSA Driving Vehicle Standards Agency so if there is an issue you will need to contact them direct.

Our Services

Intensive Driving Lessons, Driving Lessons, Pass Plus, Motorway Lessons, Refresher Lessons, Instructor Training, Fast Track Tests. Test Booking Service.


Must be made on every lesson, we do not accept late payments
or scheduled payments as we work on providing a quality service for reward.


In the event where you may not have the correct fee for lessons we urge you not to book lessons as for any reason if you have problems paying the correct fee, this will be noted down and in some cases we will ask for the correct fee before the lessons starts to avoid this happening.

If you are late for any lessons you book, time cannot be made up due to other bookings however this is to the discretion of the driving instructor and will receive a less time on lesson for the same hourly fee.

If you are paying for a block of 10 hourly lessons in advanced you will need to ensure that you are able to complete all hours within a time frame of 5.5 weeks from the date you have paid the fee.  If you do not complete all hours in the stated time frame given you will forfeit this case of any hours you have paid for and we will reserve the right not to refund any of the credit or credits in which you have paid so it is important that before paying for 10 hourly lessons in advance that you are able to commit to at least a minimum of 2 hours per week*.

About Fast Track

If you have booked a practical driving test and you need to bring it forward to a nearer date you can do so...  however before doing this you must check with your driving instructor first or if you would like us to do this on your behalf there is a fee for this

which you will find on the "Lessons" page of our website.  However if you wish to book the test yourself and start your course around or nearer to the test date you will save money in doing it this way.  The Fast track fee is on all courses that we provide unless you find your own practical test.

Terminated Practical Test

If you forget any documents needed for tests we will not be held liable as this would lead to tests being terminated on arrival as we would of made you aware of this, or if we have carried out an eye sight assessment before starting your first lesson and it was correct then you failed to read a number plate from 20.5m during the test you will
lose your test fee and the test will be terminated and we will not be liable for this in any such way.

If you do not make the test on time due to late arrival we will not be responsible for this and you will lose your right to take the practical test and lose the fee in which you will have to book and pay the for the test again.  If our vehicle is terminated for any such reason beyond our control we will book and pay for a new test on your behalf.

Practical test fee must be paid to your instructor before the test and not after.

We recommend you have the correct fee before the start of the test as we reserve the right to refuse our vehicle on lease hire for your practical test and you will lose any costs which you had paid the DVSA for the practical test and we will not take you on any further tests in the future or provide you with any paid tuition.

Test Supplement Charges 

For any practical test cancellation you may find and book with out notice if we have to get this covered by another ADI (Approved Driving instructor), or if you book a test that is not in the list on our "ABOUT US" page we are within out rights to charge you an extra to cover excess mileage and time out of our working area. To see charges please refer to our "Driving Lesson" page.  

​​Adverse Weather Conditions

If you have booked a driving lesson and on the day snow falls or ice scattered we will use our discretion on cancelling lessons however if you cancel we reserve the right to charge you 50% of that lesson fee unless you have made arrangements to meet at a tube station and cannot get from and too your chosen location due to bad weather conditions then we will not charge.   However in the beginning months of January and December we generally suffer from deep snow and black ice on our roads so at times practical tests can be cancelled but this is varied from tests centre to test centre in the UK as some parts are more effected than the south.

If you are worried that your test maybe cancelled we can send you the test centre number by text and you can ring for an update however you will still need to make the journey to the test on the day otherwise you will lose your
practical test fee.

Documents You MUST Bring to Your Practical Test

-Provisional Licence
-Theory Test Pass Certificate

Principle of Option2drive.co.uk

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