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Serving Waltham Abbey, Cheshunt, Chingford, Loughton and Enfield since 2008.

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We're based in Waltham Abbey, locally between Cheshunt and Enfield, and serve Loughton and Chingford, including Barnet test centre for all your driving instructor training needs.  We offer quality in-vehicle training, from Standards Check in-car developmental training, to online workshop in "everything instructing" in the convenience of your own home.


 I am involved in the driver improvement schemes on the behalf of local and national police forces delivering road safet courses to educate drivers.  This is widely to re educate drivers about typical driver risk.  Around this I  spend much of my time assisting those seeking to change career to become an approved driving instructor or re-train in preparation for their Standards Check.  This has helped me gain good people skills, understanding behaviour and changing attitudes to assist those who also want to make a positive contribution to road safety.   

All training offered is align with the  DVSA National Standards for Driver and Rider Training syllabus, and marked against your own performance and development progress.  All training offered is in a client-led fashion suited to the specific needs of the client and training requirements.   View our review listings below this page, or visit Yell/Google/Trustpilot for customer reviews.  

Standards Check Training


Specialist in A.D.I Training and Development

ADI rescue training

(ADI) Part 3 Rescue and Developmental Training

Applicable for those on their final attempt

Quality Standards Check Test Training

Standards Check Training

Quality SC training with a reputable ORDIT trainer

ADI Part 1, 2 and 3
ORDIT Instructor Training

(ADI) Part 1, 2 and 3 Training

Structured ORDIT Training and all Resources

Coaching and instructional training on all 3 parts

Resources to suit your every requirements


Standards Check  PREPARATION  

Training with us in preparation for your Standards Check test could not get any easier, with comprehensive training at  quality and professional standards that you would expect from a instructor training business perspective.  There is an option of an observation session with your dedicated trainer sat in the back of your live lesson that will monitor your performance against those expected of the Standards Check criteria.   This session is recorded using a track monitoring "word doc" system which is used to capture coaching ethics and general training standards that took place on that lesson then used for feedback at the end of the session for the trainee to understand where they need to improve, but also highlights those areas that the trainee did well.  All assessments carried out are mapped out against DVSA requirements, which in turn will give the trainee or experienced trainer seeking development additional confidence and reduce anxiety and unnecessary stress leading up to that big day with all the added pressure of the unknown.   


There are other options available for those in preparation for their Standards Check, for example a 1:1 meeting online version of our in-car Standards Check training using video-call with great emphasis on introduction, preparation, questions and expectations inclusive of assessment marking criteria and assessment scoring.   All training with us, either in-car or online can be added to your continuation of professional development portfolio.   (In return you will receive our stamp of approval training certification for your contribution).


Our online meetings were a replacement to in-car training during the national lockdown.  However as normality started to kick in, all in-car instructor training has now resumed, but the online coaching sessions still remain if needed as an option. 


 Online Workshop Based Training:

Our workshop - training tool gives a great insight in to structure, assessment criteria and competency grading to help you reach your full potential  in achieving the best result on your Standards Check test.

Driving School

Online Training

Complete your Standards Check training online from the comfort of your own home with a real life dedicated trainer to take you through all you need to know to increase those chances in a 1st time pass.

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Standards Check.

What you can expect on the Standards Check

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Training and Development

(ADI) Part 1,2 and 3 Training
Standards Check
ADI Rescue and Final Attempt Training
Seeking Standards Check Training

We offer quality training to those seeking or looking to change their career path to become a fully approved driving instructor.  We'll take you every step of the way to help you qualify as an A.D.I, with professional and expert advice and continued support helping you go further in your new career.   


Check your eligibility by clicking the "link" below to see if you're eligible.

Gear change to the Standards Check

We understand the frustration and anxiety that the Standards Check has on many of us.  Because of this, we have put together a structured training-tool which is marked against national performance standards to prepare ADI's in preparation for their SC.


In addition to the above, we offer Standards Check training for those who have already been unsuccessful with, or without seeking development training.

ADI Rescue Training

We understand the frustration and anxiety that Part 3 can have on one having failed 2 attempts previously.  This is our structured Training and Development program which we offer to those on their final attempt.

This is a blended module marked against your previous examination findings and strategies using a blended approach to on-road or 1:1 training linked online resources. 

(ADI) Part 1, 2 and 3:  Purchase the full training suite (package), for as little as £1714 when you pay in advance for your training, and receive work books, evaluation and progress reports, including recommended ADI resources and other benefits. NB: Registration and test fees are not included in the training package.

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