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Training with us, is made in simple steps, convenient and cost effective, making us an informed choice when choosing who to train with to assist with all your training needs and requirements.

Standards Check Test training

Standards Check Test Training

Training with us in preparation for your Standards Check test can help you with improving knowledge and understanding to the key DVSA SC principles and assessment criteria mapped out against Option2drive Training requirements, which in turn will give you additional confidence and reduce anxiety leading up to test with all the added pressure of the unknown.   


With this in mind, we have created an online version of our in-car Standards Check training using an online virtual classroom operating system and video call with great emphasis on introduction, preparation, questions and expectations inclusive of assessment marking criteria and assessment regime.   All training with us, either in-car, or online can be added to your continuation of professional development portfolio.   The virtual classroom was a replacement to in-car training during the national lockdown, however as normality started to kick in, all in-car training has now resumed, but the online coaching sessions still remain if needed as an option. 


 Online Workshop Based Training:

Our workshop - training tool gives a great insight in to structure, assessment criteria and competency grading to help you reach your full potential  in achieving the best result on your Standards Check test. Our workshop based training covers:

  1. Pupil selection process

  2. Questions

  3. Expectations

  4. Preparation

  5. Assessment criteria and 17 competencies

  6. SC1 form explained in further detail

  7. Guided actions 

All elements above allows the instructor to train anywhere, at anytime, – at a pace that fits around other commitments.  In addition to the in-car training.

Reducing the spread of virus and infection rates

Personal development, and explore questions in greater detail opposed to car-wheels moving to reduce the spread of virus.

Standards Check Resources

Using a variety of home study resources, and other supporting materials which you can find of benefit. You can book the Standards Check online via the online .gov portal, selecting a date that works around you, or stay with the date you had been offered if this works best.    Your "Instructor Training Academy - Coach" will provide time with you to ensure standards are met.  Usually a minimum of two hourly sessions or more if needed to reach the required standards that's expected by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).   

  • Highly focused on developing your skills as a driving instructor before introducing driving lesson subjects

  • Supported with additional learning materials for each in-car training session you complete

  • Mapped against your own individual learning plan and progress record

  • Reflective of both the DVSA requirements and the establishments commitment to improving road safety

After a successful outcome on the Standards Check test, 

 you will remain on the register of Approved Driving Instructors and will be invited to the next test within a 3 - 4 year period, however if unsuccessful, you will be invited back within 6 months to re-sit this test.    You will only have 3 attempts on the SC before your name will be removed from the ADI registrar of Approved Driving Instructors.

All training given is align with the National Standards for Driver and Rider Training syllabus.


What can I earn as a driving instructor?

What can I earn as a Driving Instructor?


The figures shown below are a general guide to your weekly potential earnings based on an average 24 to 45 hour per – working week   (All figures are taken at an average hourly rate of £26).


  • For a 24-hour week – gross £624.00

  • For a 45-hour week – gross £1170.00


Working part-time your gross earnings on 24 hours a week with 4 weeks holiday would be £29,952 or at 45 hours a week £56,160. (Please allow for any tax, national insurance contributions and expenses).

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