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Revised on the 02/04/2014

re- revised - 04/05/15.

Terms & Conditions to Become a Driving Instructor.

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Summary of meanings used in our agreement

In this agreement we as have outlined the terms of our driving instructor training program meaning that we must use this in any cases or for reference purposes and evidence. Meanings: 1. When we refer to ADI we mean "Approved Driving Instructor".    2. When we refer to PDI we mean "Potential Driving Instructor".   3. When we refer to DVSA we mean: Driver Vehicle Standards Agency.    4. When we refer to ORDIT we mean: Official Register of Driving Instructor Training.   5. When we refer to part 1, 2 and 3, we mean the qualification process.   6. Services: meaning what we provide, as to the ADI Theory, Practical test and Instructional test. 7. You, Your. Meaning you as a trainer.   8. We, us , meaning us as a business/driving School or such manager.


​Before you can train to become a driving instructor you must have to had been accepted by the DVSA to apply for your CRB which you must not have any criminal convictions within the past 6 years and you hold a full valid UK license with no more than 3 points.  

You must also be a fit and proper person and be over the age of 21 and be able to read a number plate from 28.5m in distance.

Termination of Agreement

We would only consider termination if we had reasons to do so such as, you did not turn up for training without any notification on 2 or more occasions or  if you failed on the third part of your examination process in which you can only re- apply after 2 years from the date you were unsuccessful. We have the right to terminate on delayed payments that were due to us in respect of our driving instructor services in respect of major delay for up to 30 days if you have chosen to train with us on our "Flexi" option which is to be done normally intensively. Unless for a valid reason. If you chose to "pay as you train" then we would not allow time for you to owe us any fee for that particular lesson and if we feel that this was the case on more than 2 occasions we have the right to stop your instructor training until you have paid what you owe in full. 

We would also expect you to tell us if there is any change in your circumstances such as medical conditions or any changes on your driving license in which if given false information or we are not informed of any changes during the time you sign up for training with us, we reserve the right to terminate this agreement and would retain any funds you have paid to us, as this would not be refundable unless otherwise i.e. for health reasons which we have the right to ask for evidence of written confirmation from your GP if we feel your reasons are not justifiable then a refund would be considered if you have paid in full for the full or part course where you may still have funds left in credit. However you will have to allow up to within 30 days.

If a refund is considered we charge a fee of £80 for administration costs and if any of our materials are damaged or not reusable this could incur more in charges subject to your deposit of £40 for the part 1,2 and 3 materials being rejected.

Terms of payments in accordance with training

Once you have signed our agreement you agree of the terms set out in the above section of these terms.   For part 1, 2, and 3 we would only start the training once money is received from you if you have chosen to pay for the full course into our business account which we can provide our bank details on your request once you have signed up.    Once we have received the funds for your training we would send you a receipt of payment for your own records.  If you are on our "Flexi plan" which are paid instalments we would not continue any training if you have not paid to date for any further hours which you may still have outstanding as we have the right to freeze your training until further funds have been made to us in accordance to providing a service for reward. If you are on our PAY as YOU TRAIN option we will request for the payment to be made on each and every lesson. Failure to comply with this matter we reserve the right to reject you from taking any further training with us. We can accept cheque payments however this can delay your training until funds have cleared into our business account and can take up to 3 or 4 working days to clear depending on your bank.

When training with us you will have an evidence sheet of hours, subjects covered and dates with payments received from you so you can keep track of your records for passed training events and payments and what the training consisted of as it is your instructors responsibility to make sure this is all up to date so training can be of most effective so that learning and progress and what may need improving on, will all show on our records in which you will have a copy and your instructor will keep the master copy for their own ORDIT inspection and for their records.

​Your right to cancel

​If you have not started your training and wish not to continue for whatever reason we also have a cooling off period of up to 7 working days from the date you have made a full payment if paying in full for the full course which we will refund you the full amount however once you have started your training we can only refund your remaining credits that you have left and you will need to give a reason as to why you are wishing to cancel the remaining lessons with us as you could incur a cancellation fee for administration costs as described above if we feel your reason for cancelling is not a valid reason. However this does not apply on the "Flexi plan" as this plan is non-refundable unless medical reasons in which we may ask for proof in writing from your GP.

If you need to cancel your driving instructor training costs for any reason, you must notify us within the 7 day cooling off period in order to get a full refund, (Excluding Flexi Plan) if this notice is given later than 7 days depending on how you have paid you will not be refunded unless for medical reasons or only part of your training can be refunded but will be charged for admin costs and refunded whatever is left from the amount whatever you have not used in hours i.e. "Our pay in full option" then we would refund.  However we would use our discretion before a refund can be considered.

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How to pay

We accept cash on your training sessions or you can pay using our Chip and Pin service as we accept most cards, if you wish you can pay by cheque or online through our website however please note that if you are paying by cheque or online, this will delay your training up to a 2 to 3 days depending on your bank due to having to wait for funds to clear on our end which isn’t sufficient so we recommend cash or cheques to be paid in 3/4 days in advance to avoid any inconvenience.
Pay as you go: Cash must be paid at every lesson so if for any reason you have to withdraw the money out your account, you may want to do this before the lesson starts, as this usually comes out of your time to avoid losing a few minutes on your training session.

Any hours which are over our allowance for training will incur charges at the normal rate specified.

Find rates on our website page:

Road Safety

We reserve the right to withdraw our car for driving tests without notice should the PDI prove not to be up to part 2 or 3 test standard.

If you have an accident whilst out on a part 2 or 3 test we reserve the right to charge you for any damage sustained to the vehicle whilst in your custody that our insurance policy does not cover.

The Result

Even if we recommend you as being test ready, if you fail any such tests regardless of part 1, 2, or 3 you will be responsible for paying any such fee to the DVSA and any fees we require under the driving school's vehicle hire agreement as stated on our "price page".   If pass or fail the part 2 or 3 attempt we must be made fully aware of this immediately. 

When you take your part 2 test would require the date you took the test and the result which you will need to send us a copy of the DL25 form for proof of pass and test result as soon as possible.

Refund Terms and Conditions

 Refunds will be considered if the PDI cannot continue training for medical reasons.  This requires a letter from your doctor and will only apply from the date of the receipt of the letter. 

All training undertaken will not be refunded however whatever the balance you have outstanding which has not been used we will consider refunding depending on how you have paid us set out above in paragraph "Payments".
The trainer reserves the right to reject any application or withdraw without refund any training in the event of failure to comply with the refunds terms and conditions.
Please allow up to 30 days for a refund to be processed if this is to be considered once all materials have been received from you.

  1. FLEXI PLAN - Non-refundable unless for medical reasons/injury or if we fail to nominate the minimum hours as stated.
  2. PAY IN FULL - Refundable on hours not used unless you fail to turn up on training days we would count those hours and deduct payment from you or if we terminate your agreement for any of the reasons in the "Termination of Agreement" part or set out above  with a charge of £80.00 administration fee
  3. PAY AS YOU GO - N/A

Our Training Materials

We are not obliged to provide you with any such materials until we receive charges from your for training.  Once we receive your deposit we will then provide you with materials for whichever part you are currently studying for,  which it is your responsibility to keep these in good condition with great care.  We will charge you for any loss of materials which are our property and this could come from the funds you have paid us for training (Deposit fund), meaning you will have to pay the balance on what we had to replace and you will lose your deposit.

Hours of tuition

If you have chosen the Intensive Instructor course then you will not be refunded as to short notice and loss of earnings, for this course you are expected to complete between 6-12 hours per week and if you are not able to make the training day's you would lose that fee for that day and we are within our rights to not move any such training dates to different times and dates unless availability is upheld.   If we are not providing you the hours of stated in our intensive course option then we would refund you for the full course if less than 6 hours was only provided in any one working week.   If you chose the pay as you train option we are not obliged to have to give you more than 4 hours training in any one week however if there is availability for more hours of training we will offer these hours to you upon your request.

Part 1 

We will provide you with all relevant materials in order to pass part 1, this would consist of the up to date ADI theory CD with multiple choice from 

road procedure to signs and signals  and other relevant subjects such as driving test, disabilities and instructional techniques along with the hazard perception and the Highway Code with the ADI module/self assessment book 17th edition.  for this part we will give you 2 hours support and advice if you have not already passed this part but this is at a cost.

You will book your part 1 test with the DVSA when we have seen you for a final result unless doing this part alone.

Part 2

Before we can start on part 2 you must have passed part 1 (theory) with evidence of your pass certificate with date and time and location of test centre.  We would not commence any or part of part 2 training until payment has been received.  

You must achieve a very high standard on part 2 which is set out on the part 2 guide lines on the website, for this part we will offer you our tuition vehicle with use of only this respect and to provide the hours stated in our training program and to provide you with an ECO driving handbook and a part 2 training CD for home study.   If you incur any damages which our insurance does not cover you will be held liable for these damages.

Part 3

We will not train you for part 3 until you have passed part 1 and 2 before starting the part 3 process with you.

Once we have received back materials for part 1 and part 2 and received payment for part 3 we will then issue you the part 3 materials to start the ADI examination process, to see more on the national standards of the ADI part 3 you can refer to the website.   We will provide you with a tuition car at a low cost fee for this exam and provide you with no more than 40 hours on this part for part 3 training with your very own ORDIT trainer.   For this part we have an E-link which you will learn and study from home with all relevant materials in relation to part 3 and brain memory cards set out for the PST part 3 module.


We are not responsible for any tests you have booked, times/locations are in respect of your knowledge and we are not responsible for any tests that you are either late for or have missed as this is your duty to inform us of any tests you have booked, cancelled or rescheduled so that we can input this information in our diary or re-arrange.  If you do not comply with these terms we reserve the right not to arrive on the day of the test for any training or for the vehicle hire as if very short notice is given then we may have other bookings in our diary and therefore you will have to find another vehicle for hire on the day or you will lose your fee which we are no way responsible for in this type of matter.

All training with us does not include any of the DVSA test fees or registration fees as this would be separate.

To know more about the DVSA fees and registration fees you can visit there website.

Vehicle Hire

There is a fee of using our vehicle for hire for the practical and teaching ability tests which you will find on our "instructor price page".   However if you choose to pay in full for the full course then the vehicle if FREE for hire on the first attempt only at part 2 and the same for part 3, if you were not successful on the first attempt at each part then you will have to pay the rate of the vehicle hire unless using your own vehicle for part 2 then you will have the vehicle to use without charge for 2 attempts on part 3 if you were not successful on your first attempt.

Approved by the DVSA grade A and ORDIT

S.Hussein (Sonny)

S. Hussein