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Terms and Conditions

Last Revised: 19.09.2017
Terms & Conditions


In this agreement we as Option2drive.co.uk have outlined the terms of our fleet course programs meaning that we must use this in any cases or for reference purposes and evidence.  Meanings: 1. when we refer to Fleet we mean "Organisation Driver Training".    2. When we refer to delegate we mean "Driver in principle".   3. When we refer to DVSA we mean, Driver Vehicle Standards Agency.  4. When we refer to AUDIT we mean, documented inspection of driver and vehicle, all relevant paperwork and assessment.   5. When we refer to Organisation, We mean the company.   6. When we mention the “word” your, we mean you as specified.  7. Services, meaning us as a provider, 8. Report writing, by this we mean we as qualified and registered trainers will gather enough evidence from the initial drive to write a detailed report on the driver, Assessment, we mean observing, coaching and final assessment drive.   8. We, meaning us as a business.  9. Duty of care, by this we mean your companies health & safety responsibilities over each and every driver who drives on business.


​Before you can train in the fleet industry you have had to pass the qualifying process of an Approved Driving Instructor.   

To be able to:

  • Read a number plate from 28.5m
  • Be a fit and proper person
  • CRB checked
  • And the ability to coach a driver
  • Extensive knowledge of the Highway Code and Roadcraft


Termination is only considered if we had reasons to do so, i.e. you did not attend for training without sufficient notification. We reserve the right to terminate such training which has been booked by you or your organisation for any outstanding payments which are owed in connection with training of our services.

We would expect that you would tell us if there is any change to your circumstances such as medical conditions or any changes to your driving license in which, if false information is given or we are not informed of any changes to your license, health or anything that may result in terminating such training on the day, we reserve the right to terminate this agreement and would retain any funds you have paid to us for training in which you would not be refunded as a result.  We take this matter very seriously in due respect of the law and our terms of training and commitment to you.  If you do have any changes in your circumstances e.g. medical or licensing issues where notice is given to Option2drive.co.uk fleet training solutions within the first instance, or within 48 hours of receiving such information we would consider refunding any training fees which you or your organisation has paid for our training services. –

For example, for funds which are received from you or your organisation for our services, we will invoice you the full amount of receipt with our bank details supplied for online transfer or you can pay any amounts for our services online. Once we have received the funds for your training we would send you a receipt of payment for your records within 24 hours.    


Before undertaking any training with us, we would ask that you have read the T&C's  agreement and that you understand it fully.   Once a course has been purchased, we will then send this agreement to you by email for you or your organisation to sign, then send this back to us on the email below:

Email: info@option2drive.co.uk

Failure to comply with these T&C's could result in terminating this agreement and you may lose your fee.


When training with us, you or your organisation will receive an evidence sheet of hours, times of training and vehicle used with a detailed written report on the delegate.  So you can keep track of your records, training events and outcomes.   It is your responsibility to make sure this information is kept safe as part of your legal duty of care as you could be responsible if this information is lost and your driver is involved in a serious collision where it could involve either injury or deaf.

All information is stored on our system for a minimum of 6 years in which this information is emailed to you or your organisation.
Check our training rates: 
Find rates on our website page:   https://www.option2drive.co.uk/fleet-training.html 


We reserve the right to withdraw training if we deem you own, or company vehicle is unsafe.   You will also lose any training fees as a result. 


Please note, if a refund is to be considered, you must allow up to 30 days from the date it is applied.  If late notice is given of or within 48 hours before cancelling a training course, you will not be refunded.



We can accept cheque payments however this can delay training schedules until funds have cleared into our business account, this can take up to 3 or 4 working days to clear, depending on your bank. We recommend online payments via our website which is safe and secure and SSL protected.  

Last reviewed: 19/09/2017

S. Hussein (Sonny)
Managing Director of:
Option2drive.co.uk fleet solutions