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(ADI) Instructor Training.

Training with us for your ADI, is made in simple steps and convenient, cost effective, making us an informed choice when choosing who to train with to start a new career to become an Approved Driving Instructor.

Our instructor training course can help you become a successful, and fully qualified driving instructor in a time frame that suits. You will have your very own dedicated ORDIT trainer who will take you through each phase of the (ADI) 1, 2 and 3 training program.   Your trainer will support you right from the start, and that's not all, as you will be required to take a Standards Check within the first 6 months after qualifying, we believe support and learning never stops, so therefore support from us is ongoing when needed.


We will provide you with 50 hours in total of 1-to-1 in-car training, inclusive of all training resources, and reflective logs prepare you for ever section of the ADI process your on.  Our training we offer is highly structured, in line with modern standards to that of the DVSA expectations and assessment criteria.  We are confident that we can help you achieve excellent results with your very own dedicated trainer.

Becoming a fully qualified Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) Approved Driving Instructor couldn’t be easier with Option2drive Driving Instructor Training and Coach  (DITAC)   

You have to take and pass the DVSA tests within a 2 year period of passing  Part 1. 

Typically, training to become an approved driving instructor can usually take around 3-8 months depending on your availability, commitments around existing job and test waiting times.  Unfortunately we have no control over test waiting times.  


Before you can apply to become a driving instructor, you would have obtained a full UK, European Union or European Economic Area EEA unrestricted car driving license

for a minimum of 3.5 years and be over the age of 21, and considered by the DVSA to be a fit and proper person to give instruction, and have no criminal convictions in recent years that may refuse application processing. You will be dealing with teenagers and adults in teaching them a skill for life in safe driving.  


You MUST obtain a new Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check to start your application, even if you already have one for another organisation.

(ADI) 1

theory test 2.jpg

This part can be done using the latest theory app software, and other supporting materials which you can find of benefit. You can arrange the test when you're ready. Your instructor (coach) will provide time with you to ensure standards are met.  Usually 2 hours of support for this part. You'll be tested on road procedure, traffic signs and signals, driving test and laws, and instructional techniques.

Use the direct link button below to understand testing requirements.

(ADI) 2


You must demonstrate a high standard of driving. Your trainer will prepare you for a 1-hour practical assessment, and provide feedback on next actions using an exclusive evaluation sheet. You will receive in-car and online support with this part to help you attain the high standard of competence required. For this part you will receive a minimum of 10 hourly sessions of 1-to-1 training that fits around you, and at the highest of standards.

Use the direct link button below to understand testing requirements.

(ADI) 3

training pic.jpg

The examiner will observe a live lesson lasting 45-minutes taking place with either a learner or full license holder seeking driver development. For this part you'll receive a minimum of 40 hours of 1-to-1 in-car instructional training and development.  Your trainer will provide you with the necessary skills and underpinning knowledge to deliver effective in-car coaching to help those master a skill to be a safe driver.  (there is an option for a trainee license).

Use the direct link button below to understand testing requirements.

  • Highly focused on developing your skills as a driving instructor before introducing driving lesson subjects

  • Supported with additional learning materials for each in-car training session you complete

  • Mapped against your own individual learning plan and progress record

  • Reflective of both the DVSA requirements and the establishments commitment to improving road safety

After passing all three parts of the DVSA test, you'll be awarded a green badge that means you're a fully qualified Approved Driving Instructor (ADI).


What will it cost me to train?


Advance Payment

Option 1

Advanced Payment of £1780 when you pay for the full instructor training package.


Split Payment

Option 2

 Deposit of £180.00 followed by 2 payments.
• 2nd Payment on Plan: £600
• Remaining Balance on Plan: £1000

Course fee total = £1780 


Package information.

Course Package

Package - 50 hours in total for all parts of the ADI process, 1, 2 and 3.

1 = ADI x02 hours

2 = ADI x08 hours

3 = ADI x40 hours


Pay as you Train

Option 3

Pay as you train for all modules at the cost of £90 per 2 hourly session.

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Benefits of becoming a driving instructor?

Begin by studying from he comfort of your own home on the first phase of the qualifying process

Covid-19 lockdown created a huge backlog of people wanting to learn to drive due to the governments announcement urging those to avoid public transport

We offer a fast track option to get you up to the required standards quicker, meaning you get on the road quicker, and doing what you enjoy.

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